Planning Division

The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the timely and accurate review of all land use development permits including subdivision, zoning and environmental/critical areas review and appeals/shoreline master program. This work involves service to the public that starts with initial questions well in advance of any permit application, continues through the project design phases and the permit review process including any required public hearings and ends with official City action on the project permit or with appeals of that City action, if appeals are made.

The Planning Division is also charged with updating and maintaining the City's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and preserving and enhancing the City's historic structures. In addition, the Planning Division is charged with ensuring that the City's various land development codes (zoning code) are complied with as the land uses on individual properties change over time.

The Planning Division also serves as Secretary to the Planning Commission, the Good Neighbor’s Revolving Loan Fund Committee and the Historic Preservation Commission and participates in the City's Homeless Response Committee.

2021 Comprehensive Plan and 2022 capital facilities Plan