Residential Rental Business License Registration

  • The Residential Rental Registration and Inspection Program requires landlords to register all rental housing units in Aberdeen, from single-family houses to large apartment buildings.
  • Exceptions to the registration requirement include commercial lodging, state-licensed facilities such as adult family homes, and housing owned by government groups or by housing authorities such as Aberdeen Housing Authority. See AMC 15.10 for more details.
  • Landlords must register their properties as soon as they have a tenant in the rental space.
  • Registrations must be renewed every year.
  • Late registrations will accrue a monthly fee.
  1. New License Registration

New license registration is available on our online permits and licensing portal.

If online registration is unattainable, please contact Property Maintenance Manager Josh Padgett by calling 360-537-3221.

Required! Rental applications require a list of all rentals. If you are applying online, please complete the Rental Unit Information Form (PDF) and upload it to the electronic application.

  1. Renew Current Registration