Demolition Permit

Application Preparation

All permit applications are available to apply for electronically, through the Permit Portal.

When filling out an electronic permit application, depending on the permit type, there may be a submittal document required. Each permit type has its own set of requirements and details you will need to provide.
Below is the specific information that will be needed to complete this type of permit application.

Permit Application Type:  Demolition Permit

Project Description

A detailed description is needed for every project. Note: on the application, the area for this description has a red asterisk. Be Specific! 


  • Demo of 1200 sqft residential structure
  • Demo of 600 sqft garage
  • Demo of Carport


This section of the electronic application will have a link for the possible additional permits needed for the project.  Any additional permits listed, that are not required, will be removed during the review process.

Below are possible additional permit requirements. The links below, will take you to instructions on the information needed to complete them.


This section of the online application will require you to provide the below information.

  • Building Square Footage?
  • Rebuilding? Y or N
  • Asbestos is present? Y or N
  • Description of New Building? (if rebuilding)


Submittals are needed for any project, that requires prior approval, through a plan review.

Submittals that are not needed for your project, will be removed during the initial application review. Additional submittal requirements may be added during the review, as needed.

Documents are required to be uploaded as a digital PDF or as a scanned PDF. All pages of a document are to be uploaded as one document, not individual pages. Each of the below listed requirements, are to be a separate submittal.  

Visit the General Requirements for Submittals page for document detailed requirements.

  • Cascade Gas Signed Letter - Stating all connections have been Disconnected or There is no Connection
  • Grays Harbor PUD Signed Letter - Stating all connections are disconnected. 
  • Asbestos Survey - This is to be done by the owner or by a licensed AHERA inspector. Please Visit ORCAA's website for complete requirement details. 
  • ORCAA Notification - ORCAA requires a permit from there organization for any removal of asbestos and for any structural removal of a building. Their permitting is done online and issued through email communications. Please upload a copy of the email communication varifying your application and approval. 
  • Asbestos Abatement Varification - If you had your asbestos removed by a licensed asbestos contractor we will need a Letter of Abatement Varification. If you as a home owner removed the asbestos, as required by ORCAA, we will need copies of the disposal receipts showing that the material was disposed of in the manner that is required by ORCAA.  


Permit fees are based on the square footage.   All fee structures can be viewed on the Fees page.

Permit inspections

Required inspections will be listed in this section.  Inspections that are not required will be remove during the review of the application. If there is an inspection left that is not needed it will be removed during the final inspection phase of the project so that the application can be finalized. 

  • Final Engineering 
  • Final Building 

Permit approval steps

This section shows the list of departments that will be reviewing the project and sign off on the application. If a department approval is not required for your project, the step will be removed during review of the application.  

Status of the department review is listed here as well.  You will be able to view which departments have completed their review and the date they completed it. If they place any notes on their review you will have a little note tab to click on to see the note. 

  • Sewer Capped Sign-off. 
  • Water Utility Payment Sign-off
  • Water Disconnection Sign-off
  • ORCAA Document Review / Reviewing Asbestos Submittal Requirements
  • Submittal Checklist Review
  • Public Works Plan Review