Application Preparation

All permit applications are available to apply electronically, through the Permit Portal.

When filling out an electronic permit application, depending on the permit type, there may be submittal document require. Each permit type has its own set of requirements and details you will need to provide.
Below is the specific information that will be needed to complete the listed permit application.

Permit Application Type: Fence

Project Description

A detailed description is needed for every project. NOTE: on the application, the area for this description has a red asterisk.       Be Specific! 


  • 4-foot tall wood fence in the front and 6-foot along the side and back shared by a neighbor 


Submittals are needed for any project, that require prior approval, through a plan review. 

Submittals that are not needed for your project, will be removed during the initial application review. Additional submittal requirement may be added during the review, as needed. 

Documents are required to be uploaded as a digital pdf or as a scanned pdf. All pages of a document are to be uploaded as one document, not individual pages. Each of the below listed requirements, are to be a separate submittal.  

Visit the General Requirements for Submittals page for document required details.

  • Fence site plan - printed overhead with proposed fence lines drawn in. Use the City GIS Map to find your property lines and to make your site plan.
  • Common Property Line Wall/Fence Agreement (PDF) signed by all parties. (only if fence is being built along a shared property line. Also referred to as the Neighbor Letter)


This section of the online application will require you to provide the below information.

  • Statement of your understanding that you will be required to provide an overhead map of the fence
  • Fence height? (Read the fence code requirements.)
  • Fence type (What is it made of?)
  • Is it a new installation or a replacement?


Permit fee is a flat fee and may have other required fees associated.

All fee structures can be viewed on the Fees page.

  • Fence Permit fee. $50

Other Possible Requirements

This section of the electronic application will have a link for the possible additional permits needed for the project. Any additional permits listed, that are not required, will be removed during the review process. 

  • Variance
  • Permissive use

Code Requirements