Corporation Counsel

The Office of Corporation Counsel is the legal department for the City of Aberdeen under Section 16 of the City Charter. We represent the municipal entity “City of Aberdeen” by and through its elected officials and employees to promote public health, safety and welfare of the community.


Corporation Counsel serves as the city attorney and department head for the legal department. 

Assistant Corporation Counsel

Forest Worgum is the Assistant Corporation Counsel, and serves as the City’s prosecuting attorney.  More information on the criminal functions of the office may be found on the Deputy Corporation Counsel/Prosecuting Attorney page.

Major Functions

We represent the City as its counsel and attorney in all litigation and all courts. Corporation Counsel also supports criminal prosecution in the municipal court.


Corporation Counsel is the legal advisor to the City and all of its officers and employees in their official capacity. The Office of Corporation Counsel supports each of the departments of the City in the interpretation and implementation of governing law and policy, including the Aberdeen Municipal Code.