Deputy Corporation Counsel/Prosecuting Attorney


Forest Worgum is the Deputy Corporation Counsel of the City of Aberdeen. He serves as prosecutor in the municipal court and assists the Corporation Counsel in providing legal advice to city officials.

Major Functions

The Prosecuting Attorney represents the City in the prosecution of every misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor crime that occurs in the City of Aberdeen and is charged in the Aberdeen Municipal Court. We also prosecute civil traffic infraction hearings and enforcement of "dangerous dog" code violations.


Community Court: Community court is a diversion program designed to assist individuals in finding services and other programs in hopes that the individual will not commit further crime.  Any individual who is selected to participate is required to attend the Service Entry Event (SEE) to meet with a caseworker from Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) to develop an action plan which they must follow.  The action plan is designed to address issues that led to law enforcement contact. Some examples of action plan requirements are chemical dependency or mental health treatment, assistance to find housing or jobs, or assistance to re-enter school. 

Domestic Violence Information

Our Goal

The City's Domestic Violence Victim / Witness Coordinator (DVC) works for the City of Aberdeen Legal Department. The DVC provides support to the victims and witnesses in misdemeanor domestic violence crimes that are reported to the Aberdeen Police Department. The goal of this office is to support victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process, ensure victims/witnesses are aware of their rights, help hold offenders accountable, provide resources/referrals, and improve services by being part of a coordinated community response.

  • Inform victims of their rights
  • provide victims/witnesses with charging status
  • Updates on hearing, date, times and what to expect
  • How to be notified of offender's release
  • If available, attend court with victim
  • Assist victim with defense and/or prosecution interviews
  • Assist with trial preparation and No Contact Order hearings
  • Provide victims copies of No Contact Orders and correspondence as needed
  • Provide referrals, resources
  1. Forest Worgum

    Deputy Corporation Counsel

  2. Domestic Violence Coordinator

  3. Morgan Fuller

    Legal Assistant - Criminal

  4. Legal

    Physical Address
    200 E Market Street
    Third Floor
    Aberdeen, WA 98520

    Fax: 360-532-9137