What It Is

The Fee Subtitle (PDF) specifies fees and fee collection policies for all of our services. We charge fees to cover the costs of processing applications, inspecting and reviewing plans, and preparing detailed statements. The subtitle also specifies fees for inspection and providing certain services or materials.

How to Pay Fees

Permits. You can't pay permit fees if your application is currently in review. You can pay many permit fees online with your credit card using the Pay Permit Fees tool. Payment methods include:

  •  You can't pay online if:
    • Any payment for the permit is in collections
    • The fee is for a blanket, construction, demolition, electrical, mechanical, grading, or side sewer permit
    • If you can't pay online, mail your payment to:
      • City of Aberdeen Building Division
        200 E Market Street
        Aberdeen, WA 98520
      • Pay in person on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. Cash, check, and credit card (Visa or Mastercard) payments accepted
  • Court orders, assessment, or judgments. Make payments to the court that issued the order.

Read the Code

The 2017 Fee Resolution.