Stormwater Management Action Plan

The City is in the process of developing a stormwater management action plan (SMAP) for the catchment area of Fry Creek as required through the City's NPDES permit from Ecology.  The goal of this plan is to identify management practices to improve the water quality and reduce flooding on Fry Creek.  The plan was adopted by the City Council on March 22, 2023.  Comments are still welcome for future updates.

SMAP - Fry Creek Basin

The SMAP will include the following information for the Fry Creek Catchment area.

  • A Descriptions of stormwater facility retrofits needed in the area.
  • Land management/development strategies and/or actions identified for water quality management.
  • Targeted, enhanced, or customized implementation of stormwater management actions.
  • Proposed implementation schedule and budget sources for:
    •  Short term actions (within next 6 years)
    • Long term actions (within next 7 to 20 years)