Fire Fighting Equipment

2001 Pierce Aerial

The 2001 Pierce aerial (Ladder 1) and rescue pumper (Engine 6) are Dash 2000’s and were ordered at the same time. The rescue pumper is a 2-stage 1500 gallons per minute, with a 500-gallon water tank. It has a compressed air foam system with both A and B foam tanks. It can flow foam out of all pre-connected hose lines as well as the 500-gallon per minute-deck gun.

The engine is equipped with a four-bottle cascade system, with booster pump, engineered by Pierce.

Height Restrictions

Due to height restrictions at its assigned station, the ground ladders are stowed within the hose body. The rig also carries a full complement of hazardous materials response equipment, and is equipped with a 450 HP Detroit Diesel. These 2001 pieces of apparatus each have front bumper trash lines.

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