Due to unforeseen delay in posting the agenda to the website, tonight's City Council meeting and all associated public hearings and Committee meetings - are CANCELLED.

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Public Works Current Projects


Aberdeen Flood Relief Projects

For the latest information regarding flood control projects affecting the citizens of Aberdeen please visit our web page on the Washington State government website....[click here]

Asphalt Overlays are Coming

Asphalt overlays are coming to the following streets this summer. Public Works is currently awarding the work to the lowest-bidding contractor. Residents along these streets will be notified of the work schedule once it is known. In the meantime, City crews are making selective subgrade repairs and drainage improvements in anticipation of the overlays. The work will provide new pavement along 1.46 miles of roadway and is funded by Aberdeen’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD). Additional TBD-funded projects will be occurring throughout the summer.

Transportation Benefit District Project I

The South Aberdeen streets of Polk, Taylor, Perry, Baldwin and Lovett have new overlays as part of the Transportation Benefit District Project I for 2017. The Project's work now shifts to the North Side as Williams, Haight and 7th Street are receiving new overlays scheduled for the first week in August. Market Street between Park and Lincoln Streets, originally part of this Project, will be rescheduled and Lovett and Williams replace it on this year's project.

More Projects Scheduled for August

TBD-funded work to reconstruct a portion of Arnold Street below the Fairview Reservoirs will begin mid August as part of TBD Project II. More TBD-funded work is coming this summer, including pavement overlays, concrete panel repairs, roadway reconstruction, and arterial route crack-sealing.


City crews have extended sidewalk over 850 feet up Anderson Drive from Oak Street to Basich Boulevard. This work connects two existing sidewalk systems and was funded by Aberdeen's Transportation Benefit District (TBD). More TBD-funded work is coming this summer, including pavement overlays, concrete panel repairs, roadway reconstruction, and arterial route crack-sealing.


The North Shore Levee project combines funding and conclusions from earlier, smaller projects to create a master project that will comprehensively protect the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam on the coast of Washington State....[learn more]


The City of Aberdeen has submitted a Request for Bids for the improvement of Arnold Street from 8th Avenue South to Stewart Blvd. The work shall include, but is not specifically limited to , removal of existing cement concrete pavement and sidewalk, install curb and gutter, catch basins and drain pipe, underdrain pipe....[read more]



  • Lewis Street - Huntley to Baldwin (290 feet)
  • Baldwin Street - Lewis to Evans (1,430 feet)
  • Perry Street - 101 to Decatur (260 feet)
  • Polk Street - Schley to Taylor (1,160 feet)
  • Haight Street - 1st to Sumner (2,240 feet)
  • Williams Street - Sumner to 5th (600 feet)
  • Lovett Street - Lewis to Evans (1,420 feet)


Contractor Amount of Contract Project Date Awarded
Vaughan $71,848.70 Rotomix Mixing System Purchase 09/28/2016
Rognlin’s Inc. $51,327.68 Rotomix Digester Installation 04/27/2016
Best Parking Lot Service $92,254.94 Digester Cleaning 04/27/2016
Rognlin’s Inc. $12,383.82 Aeration Basin Wall Repair 09/14/2016
John Lupo Construction $60,610.11 Administration/Lab Office Roof Repair 09/28/2016

Downtown Traffic Impact Moderation Project

The Public Works Director has provided information regarding the Downtown Traffic Impact Moderation Project. [learn more]

***Quotes or bids can be reviewed by contacting the Public Works Department at the number below.

Contact Information

Rick Sangder Public Works Director Phone: (360) 537-3228 Contact Rick Sangder | Public Works Director City of Aberdeen WA
Kris Koski City Engineer Phone: (360) 537-3218 Contact Kris Koski | Public Works Engineer City of Aberdeen WA
Beth Troseth Office Assistant II Phone: (360) 537-3224 Contact Linda Brooks | Department of Public Works City of Aberdeen WA
Kathy Orth Public Works Accountant Phone: (360) 537-3219 Contact Kathy Orth | Public Works City of Aberdeen WA

Department of Public Works offices are located on the Second Floor of City Hall at 200 E. Market Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520.