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Firefighter – Entry Level

Aberdeen Fire Department

(Entry level)

Salary range: $4,795-$5275 per month
Aberdeen Firefighter’s union represented position.
The job description can be found here.

Position summary:  Provides fire prevention, suppression, rescue and emergency medical assistance to the public in Aberdeen and the surrounding community; performs general maintenance and repairs on fire apparatus, equipment and facilities.

Entry level applicants must:

  1. have a high school degree or GED,
  2. be at least 18 years of age,
  3.  be a U.S. Citizen,
  4. have a valid driver’s license,
  5. possess Washington state EMT certification,
  6.  possess IFSAC Firefighter I certification at time of hire, and
  7. apply through

The City will be notified of applicants who pass the exam and will contact those applicants for the next step(s) in the process.

This recruitment is open continuously. Applications are always accepted.

Applicants interested in applying for Firefighter (Paramedic) should refer to the City of Aberdeen Human Resources Department website at

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