• Small child picking up trash by a guardrail
  • Cleaned stream
  • Team member working near a stream
  • Man walking through large brush
  • Team members working in bushes
  • Several team members cleaning around a paved lot
  • Team cleaning by a stream
  • Team members cleaning up a field
  • People cleaning by the stream bank
  • Man walking up an embankment with garbage
  • Man removing garbage from a stream bank
  • People organizing at a tailgate
  • Tailgate event by Dollar Tree
  • Members of Steam Team gathered around a tailgate
  • Steam Team tailgating by Dollar Tree
  • Steam Team setting up a tailgate
  • People by a table with coolers and snacks
  • People standing around vehicles
  • Team setting up items for clean up
  • Man smiling next to a truck
  • Tire in the stream
  • People talking by cars
  • Team members working to clean up around a guardrail

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