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Later Police Officer - Supplemental Questionnaire

  1. Information:

    This questionnaire, once completed, will be scored and that score will serve as the basis of your Lateral Police Officer rank. You will be asked a number of questions regarding your work experience and past training. Please answer all the questions honestly, accurately, and to the best of your ability. Since this is a continuous and open application process, your score will initially place you on a lateral database as it exists at the time of application. The database and ranking will change over time as scored applicants are added, hired, or dropped up until such time as the database is certified as the eligibility list, which could be monthly. Names will remain on the eligibility list until they have been passed over 3 times. Those names will then be removed; those applicants may reapply for eligibility 1 year following removal from the eligibility list.

  2. Warning:

    Your answers here will be verified through the materials that you submit for reference and background checks. Willful misrepresentation here (or on any other applications to the county) will be cause for immediate disqualification from consideration for this position, or if discovered after employment is offered or accepted, for immediate termination.

  3. Instructions:

    For each of the categories presented below, choose the box that BEST describes your experience and/or training. You may select only one box for each identified experience or training category, unless you are certified in multiple disciplines (such as listed under Defensive Tactics Instructor). You can clarify responses for each category. Include specifics about your training and experience, such as special training courses, law enforcement certifications, and a description of the months/years of service within said position or assignment.

  4. LE Patrol Experience*

  5. Assignments to Schools

  6. Detective or Investigation Assignment

  7. Field Training Officer

  8. Shift Supervisor

  9. Fireamrs Officer or Instructor

  10. Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor

  11. Defensive Tactics/ Use of Force Instructor

  12. Collision Investigations Training

  13. Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor

  14. Drug Recognition Expert

  15. Arson Investigator

  16. Education

  17. K-9 Handler

  18. Search and Rescue

  19. SWAT—Crisis Response Unit (or similar assignment)

  20. Discipline

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