Now that I am listed on the Historic Register what do I need to know about the future repairs, upgrades, and additions to my home or building?

The first step is to set up a meeting with the City of Aberdeen, Community Development Department to discuss the plans for your property and to determine whether or not a Certificate of Appropriateness (CA) is necessary for the proposed work. Whenever a building permit or other City approval is applied for on a Historic Register property, whether or not the project requires a CA, the Commission shall be notified. If the activity is not exempt from review by the Commission, City staff shall notify the applicant of the review requirements. The city shall not issue any permit for work on the property until a Certificate of Appropriateness is received from the Commission. City staff shall assist the Commission in considering building and fire code requirements. 


The Commission will review the proposed work for the following considerations:

  • The owner or his/her agent (architect, contractor, lessee, etc.) shall apply to the Commission for a review of proposed changes on Historic Register property or within a historic district and request a Certificate of Appropriateness or, in the case of demolition, a waiver. Each application for review or proposed changes shall be accompanied by such information as is required by the Commission in its rules for review of the proposed project.
  • The Commission shall meet with the applicant and review the proposed work according to the design review criteria established in rules. All action taken on the application shall be taken at a regular meeting of the Commission or, if the review is conducted at a special meeting, action shall be taken only after public notice as provided in AMC 17.50.040B(5).
  • The Commission shall complete its review and make its recommendations in writing within 30 calendar days from its meeting with the applicant unless the commission requests an extension from the applicant.
  • The Commission's recommendations shall be in writing and shall state the findings of fact and conclusions relied upon in reaching its decision. The Commission shall issue a Certificate of Appropriateness upon the owner's acceptance of the Commission's recommendations. Any conditions agreed to by the applicant shall become conditions of approval of the permits granted by the city.
  • The Commission's recommendations and any Certificate of Appropriateness issued shall be transmitted to the building and zoning official. No permit shall be issued by the city unless a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued.

Original Condition

The Historic Preservation Commission does not expect that buildings remain exactly as when they were built, nor does it expect that buildings will be restored to their original condition. Contemporary design for alterations and additions will be encourage when they do not destroy historical material and when the design is compatible with the size, scale, material and character of the property and its environment. Compliance is voluntary unless the property is in one of the city's historic districts, then it is mandatory.

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