What are the benefits of Register placement?

The Local Tax Incentive Program is designated to encourage the preservation of historic resources. It provides for a revision of the assessed value of a historic property which subtracts, for up to 10 years, such rehabilitation costs as are approved by a local review board. The primary benefit of the law is that during the 10-year special valuation period, property taxes will not reflect substantial improvements made to the property. The rehabilitation costs that are included have to be within 24 months prior to the actual date of application such as:

  • Building Code Relaxation - Some relaxation of strict building code requirements is available to properties on the Aberdeen Historic Register in the interest of preserving historic character while still meeting safety requirements. This is discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Aberdeen Building Official, Bob Waite, Phone 360-537-3214.
  • Educational Program - From time to time, the City will prepare public information programs on historic properties.
  • Free Advice - Preservation is encouraged by providing a process for the Preservation Commission to review any proposed exterior changes to the register properties, as well as relocation or demolition.
  • Markers - Markers are provided and installed by the City for all properties on the register.
  • Special Property Tax Valuation for Qualified Renovations - A state law enacted in 1985 provides a 10-year special property tax valuation for approved renovations to historic properties on the local register. Such renovations must cost at least 25% of the building's value. Additional information is available from the City of Aberdeen's Community Development Department.

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1. What is the Aberdeen Historic Register?
2. What qualifies a property for the Historic Register?
3. What is the process for designation?
4. What are the benefits of Register placement?
5. What is not affected by placement and what is not reviewed?
6. What buildings are eligible?
7. What are the requirements after approval?
8. What is the special valuation review procedure?
9. What are the submittal requirements for Aberdeen Historic Tax Applications?
10. What is the criteria for review by the commission?
11. Now that I am listed on the Historic Register what do I need to know about the future repairs, upgrades, and additions to my home or building?
12. What do I do now? My property is listed on the Historic Register and it needs to be demolished.
13. What if I do not agree with the commission’s findings?