What is the process for designation?

In order for a property to be placed on the Register, the following steps are taken:

  • The Commission and any member of the Commission may solicit nominations. In its designation decision, the Commission shall consider the Aberdeen Historic Register and the city's Comprehensive Plan. Any person, with the owner's consent, may nominate the following for inclusion in the Register of Historic Places:
    • Building
    • District
    • Object
    • Site
    • Structure
  • In the case of individual properties, the designation shall include the UTM reference and all features-interior and exterior-and outbuildings that contribute to its designation.
  • In the case of districts, the designation shall include description of the boundaries of the district; the characteristics of the district, which justifies its designation; and a list of all properties including features, structures, sites and objects, which contribute to the designation of the district.
  • The Historic Preservation Commission shall consider the merits of the nomination according to the criteria in AMC 17.50.040(A) (refer to page 1 numbers 1 to 11) and the nomination review standards established in the Commission's rules.
  • The Commission shall provide notice to the public, the owner(s) and the authors of the nomination, if different, and lessees, if any, of the subject property prior to the meeting at which the nomination will be considered. The notice shall include publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the Aberdeen area, posting of the property and written notification as required by the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 42.30 RCW).
  • If the Commission finds that the nominated property is eligible for the city's Historic Register, the Commission shall, with the owner's consent, make a recommendation to the Mayor and City Council that the property be listed in the Historic Register. In the case of historic districts, the consent of the owners of 60% of the property, be assessed valuation, within the proposed district boundary shall be required.
  • The public, property owner(s) and the authors of the nomination, if different, and lessees, if any, shall be notified of the listing.
  • Properties listed in the city's Historic Register shall be recorded on official zoning records with an HR (for Historic Register) designation. This designation shall not change or modify the underlying zone classification.

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