How Do I Apply for a Permit?

We offer online permitting. To start an application, create an account and choose a permit type. If you want step by step instruction please click below. Or you can click on the Ready To Apply button and it will take you straight to the portal. Each permit application will have detailed instructions along the way. 

  1. Creating a Permit Application

Permit applications can be submitted and viewed through the Citizen Portal. You must be logged in to the Citizen Portal to submit a permit application.

Defining the Permit Application

You will need to define the category and application type prior to filling out the Permit Application Wizard. This will determine the steps that display throughout the application process.

  1. Click Go in the My Portal section from the home page.
  2. Click Apply in the Apply Online section.
  3. Select the appropriate permit category, such as the Building Department.
  4. Select the appropriate permit type from the options that appear.
  5. Click Next.

Defining the permit application screen

Completing the Permit Application Wizard

The steps available in the Permit Application Wizard will be determined based on the application selected above.


The Site Location for the permit can be defined by either an address or a parcel number, if available.

Defining Location by Address

  1. Begin entering the Address for this permit and select the correct address from the filtered list. NOTE: If the address is not listed, you will not be able to request a permit for this address, but you can still search by Parcel Number if known. Parcel numbers can usually be provided by Grays Harbor County Parcel Search. If unable to find an address or parcel call the permit counter at 360-537-3217. (Make sure the drop-down list you are picking from is not a browser
    list by picking from blue lettering only.)
  2. Click Save and Continue.

Project location screen

Defining Location by Parcel

  1. Click enter the parcel number at the bottom of the application.
  2. Begin entering the Parcel Number and select the appropriate parcel for this permit. NOTE: If the parcel is not listed, you will not be able to request a permit for this parcel number. Please contact the Permit Center if your address or parcel does not exist.
  3. Click Save and Continue.


Now that you have provided the application type and defined the location, you can complete the permit application below in the next tab and submit it for review. If you are applying for a permit that has additional requirements to obtain the permit, you will see a notification here.

  • In the confirmation window that appears, click Get Started

Confirmation screen

  1. Completing the Application