Aberdeen VIPS – Volunteers in Police Service- serve many functions within the Aberdeen community. Registered with the City of Aberdeen as uniformed volunteers, we serve as extra eyes and ears for Aberdeen’s police officers, conducting regular patrols in our own radio-equipped vehicle to help keep Aberdeen neighborhoods and businesses safe. Although we carry no weapons and have no arrest or other police powers, our clearly identifiable presence can deter crime, while our ability to report suspicious activities to regular patrol officers can help them concentrate their efforts more effectively. We also conduct neighborhood watch and vacation watch patrols in pre-identified areas and for requested locations when residents are away.

We participate in community events such as Downtown Trick or Treat, Founders' Day, Summer Fest, Winter Fest, and others, providing traffic and crowd control services, monitoring traffic speeds in congested areas and serving as a highly visible point of police contact for the public.

We also carry out specialized community service programs such as our Key Safe Program and Vacation Check programs. The first lets us provide and install exterior key safes to Aberdeen senior and disabled residents to ease and speed entry to residences for first responders in an emergency if residents are unable to open the door. The second encourages residents to alert us about when they will be away from home so we can conduct house checks in their absence.

Within the Aberdeen Police Department, we assist with designated administrative duties, participate in training exercises, and help with special events. Each year we participate in Shop with A Cop, Project Giving Tree, National Night Out, Grays Harbor Emergency Expo and others.

We donate hundreds of hours annually performing services worth thousands of dollars to the community.

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Any U.S citizen who is at least 50 years old, is of good moral character, free of felony convictions and crimes of moral turpitude and successfully completes the application, interview, background check and training process can become a VIPS. Exceptions to the age requirement can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Aberdeen Police Department provides training, patrol equipment and some uniform components.  For more information, fill in the attached Interest form below.

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Vacation Watch