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About our Parks




The City of Aberdeen has approximately 240 acres of park land within the city limits. One hundred and fifty acres have been developed for community use. Click on the links below to see more about what Aberdeen Parks has to offer.


Lake Aberdeen Recreation Area

A primitive area of approximately 640 acres of timber with 5 acres of land developed for recreational purposes and 100 acres of water. In addition to the lake, the area contains restrooms, swimming (No Lifeguards), fishing and boating docks.

Alder Creek Park

This 1/4 acre park is located in the Alder Creek Neighborhood in South Aberdeen. This park was built with donated materials and labor.

Bishop Athletic Complex

This 38 acre athletic complex is located 1.5 miles outside Aberdeen on SR 105 (the Westport Highway). The athletic complex offers 4 full sized soccer fields including two of which are lighted, 2 girls fastpitch softball fields, and one full sized baseball field. Other amenities include parking, restrooms, concession stand and a grass amphitheater.

Finch Playfield

This 2-acre neighborhood park is the city’s most popular park with children. Finch playfield lies in a residential area, and offers a wide variety of activities.

Herbig Park

A small half acre park located atop Bel Aire Avenue, which gives the area added aesthetic value with its beautiful landscaping. Its primary use is for small family picnics, with benches, tables, and playground equipment

Franklin Field

This two-acre community park is located in the downtown area. The main use of this park is for organized team activities, such as football, soccer, restrooms, and bleachers.

Garley Park

This 2-acre park is located in South Aberdeen. It has off-street parking, playground equipment, and a large grassy playfield with a backstop.

Hood Park

A one-quarter acre lot with only a few benches. It contains trees and other landscaping that provides a nice area to relax within this residential area.

McKinley Park

A one-half acre park. It is a grassy corner lot that is fenced and provides some recreational use for small children to play ball.

Morrison Riverfront Park

This 11 acre complex is located on the Chehalis river at the east entrance to the City of Aberdeen. There is a magnificent bronze sculpture at the entrance to the park. The rotary log pavilion is also located in this park and can be rented through our department. We have picnic tables; fishing and viewing dock landscaped walkway and local school children’s mural for your use. This is our most popular park for joggers because of the beautiful jogging trail from Guesthouse Inn & Suites to Junction City.

North Aberdeen Playfield

This two-acre neighborhood park is located in the northern section of town. It contains a paved basketball court, as well as a baseball diamond, playground equipment, and landscaping.

Pioneer Park Sports Complex

A 24 acre park located in the south side of Aberdeen adjacent to Stevens Elementary School. There are three softball fields, two minor league fields, one Little League field, one Babe Ruth field, and a multipurpose area within this complex. This includes tennis courts, horse shoe pits, basketball court and ADA accessible restroom & playground area. Both the playground equipment and a picnic area are located next to the school for the best utilization of these facilities.

Robert Gray Park

A 1/4 acre park located in downtown Aberdeen.

Sam Benn Park

Sam Benn Urban Community Park has a rustic, yet leisurely setting. This 14-acre, beautifully landscaped park overlooks the center core of Aberdeen. Picnic tables, a playground tennis courts, and other features make this park a luxurious recreational area for all those who’d like to get out doors for the day.

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Stewart’s Memorial Park

This Park, located on the northern outskirts of the city limits, has been left in its natural setting. There are 74 acres of land that have elaborate trail systems and resting areas. A wandering creek through a grassy natural area makes this park excellent for picnicking. Also included is a beautiful rustic kitchen facility with a main walking trail one-mile long. The park is the most popular picnic destination in the city. This park has been designated to be left in its natural form.

Totem Pole Park

A one-acre park located on the south side of the Chehalis River Bridge. It provides a place to relax in addition to being a landscaped park.

Peterson Playfield

Neighborhood park named for former Parks Director Wes Peterson. This park sits on 3 ½ acres and includes playground equipment, combination ball field, parking area, and paved basketball court.

Zelasko Park

A passive half-acre park at the east entrance to the city. Benches, woodcarvings, and historical monuments round out this well-landscaped park.