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The City of Aberdeen is seeking interested candidates for appointment to serve a three-year term on the Aberdeen Board of Museum and History.

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Legal Department – Corporation Counsel

Welcome to the City of Aberdeen’s Legal Department. The legal department provides legal advice to City officials and employees, represents the city in civil actions, and prosecutes violations of the municipal code. The department also maintains the Aberdeen Municipal Code.

Patrice Kent is the Corporation Counsel of the City of Aberdeen. She serves as city attorney and is the Department Head. The city attorney gives legal advice to the Mayor and City Council, and the appointed officers and employees of the city. She assists City Departments in enforcing the municipal code, including representation in administrative hearings and civil litigation.

Forest Worgum is the Deputy Corporation Counsel of the City of Aberdeen. He serves as prosecutor in the municipal court and assists the Corporation Counsel in providing legal advice to city officials.



Contact Information

M. Patrice Kent Corporation Counsel Phone: (360) 537-3233 Contact Patrice Kent | Corporation Counsel City of Aberdeen WA
Forest Worgum Deputy Corporation Counsel Phone: (360) 537-3232 Contact Forest Worgum | Deputy Corporation Counsel City of Aberdeen WA
Morgan Fuller Administrative Legal Assistant Phone: (360) 537-3231 Email

Counsel offices are located on the Third Floor of City Hall at 200 E. Market Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520.